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Distribution for
Academic Publishers
Helping university presses and academic publishers achieve the mission of making knowledge widespread and more accessible.

Distribution Services

Academic publishers and university presses are often limited by budget constraints. Ingram Academic Services helps take your knowledge further to justify more budget dollars.

How do we accomplish this?

Global Distribution

An expansive
distribution network

Advance Technology

Powered by advanced technology


Backed by an
experienced sales team

As an added academic publisher service, all of our distribution clients get dedicated academic marketing.

Prospective Clients

Interested in learning more about how global book distribution through Ingram Academic Services can help you achieve your mission and demonstrate greater relevance?

Publisher List

The pace of education is quick and new research surfaces every day. To help professors and academics meet the challenges of modern-day learning, Ingram Academic Services offers access to titles by more than 300 publishers across all subject categories.