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Technology and
Sales Reporting
Master the business side of academic publishing with smarter book distribution and sales technology designed to help you discover a simpler path to sustainable success.

Detailed Sales & Inventory Reports

For improved business intelligence and a comprehensive view of your book distribution, Ingram is developing one of the industry’s most sophisticated sales reporting tools Ingram iQ.
Up To Date

Up-to-date sales data—title level, per formats, or aggregated totals


Customizable reporting options to fit your accounting needs

Print on Demand

Revisit your printing strategy with print on demand, so you can think less about storage and more about content.
  • Significantly reduce inventory and warehouse costs.
  • Print galleys or catalogs to support your sales efforts.

Direct to Consumer Sales

Sell your academic titles via your blog or social channels. Ingram Academic and Professional can help you find the right direct-to-consumer online sales option.
  • Get consumer info and insights
  • Dedicated ecommerce team available to advise on the best solution for you

E-book Sales & Digital Asset Management

Ensure your books are easy to find for those who are searching with the industry’s most popular digital asset management system.

Manage e-books, print books and audio books from the same place

Global Distribution

Automated global distribution to retailers, library suppliers and other channels


Metadata standardization – one submission covers all channels


Optional direct distribution to the CoreSource reseller network and your partners

Make Your Titles Easily Discoverable