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Stanford White

Decorator in Opulence and Dealer in Antiquities

By Wayne Craven

About the Book

Based on the archives of the Avery Architectural Library of Columbia University and the New York Historical Society, this refreshing portrait of one of America's most prominent architects is at the same time a document of the sweeping social and cultural changes taking place in the country at the turn of the twentieth century. A biography of Stanford White and more, the book recovers a neglected yet significant part of White's career -- a career that not only set the bar for twentieth-century architecture but also defined the newly emerging profession of interior design.

About the Author

Wayne Craven is the H. F. du Pont Winterthur Professor of Art History, Emeritus, at the University of Delaware. He is the author of several books, including American Art: History and Culture, Colonial American Portraiture, and Sculpture in America.


"The author does an admirable job in showcasing not only the talents of White but also the rise of interior design as a profession." -- Barbara Jacobs, Booklist