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Between Ally and Partner

Korea-China Relations and the United States

By Jae Ho Chung

About the Book

The accumulation of more than fifteen years of research, Between Ally and Partner reconstructs a comprehensive portrait of Sino-Korean rapprochement and examines the strategic dilemma of China's rise for South Korea and its alliance with the United States. Jae Ho Chung makes use of declassified government archives, internal reports, and opinion surveys and conducts personal interviews with Korean, Chinese, and American officials and experts. Thoroughly investigated and clearly presented, this book answers critical questions concerning what kept China and South Korea talking and how enmity was transformed into a zeal for partnership. The implications of Sino-Korean relations go far beyond the Korean Peninsula. The dilemma that South Korea now faces has crucial ramifications for many countries in Asia, where attempts to counterbalance China have been rare.

About the Author

Jae Ho Chung is professor of international relations and director of the Institute for China Studies at Seoul National University. He is the author or editor of ten books, including Central Control and Local Discretion in China, Provincial Strategies of Economic Reform in Post-Mao China, and Charting China's Future.


"An important contribution to the understanding of the Sino-South Korean relationship and the implications for US policy." -- Heike Hermanns, The China Journal