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Autobiography -- Biography -- Narration

Research Practice for Biographical Perspectives

By Marcin Kafar

About the Book

The articles that make up this volume are related to the multidimensional aspects of the narrative- biographical research. Individual authors, positioning themselves between their source areas of knowledge (pedagogy, psychology, anthropology, sociology and literary studies) and a transdisciplinary auto/biographical research plane, pick up as their starting point the processual perspective of the socio-cultural world, whose central element is the active subject as the creator of his/her own biography. Such assumptions (expressed explicitly and implicitly) have provided the basis for reports on the Authors’ own research projects and a framework for ordering the purely theoretical aspects of narrative-biographical studies.

About the Author

Marcin Kafar teaches anthropology and qualitative methodology at the University of Lódz, Poland. Monika Modrzejewska-Swigulska Assistant professor at the Chair of Pedagogy of Creativity at the Department of Educational Studies, teaches pedagogy of creativity at the University of Lodz, Poland.


"This book is a cognitively valuable scientific elaboration. It fits perfectly into the theoretical and methodological research trend, whose common denominator is the analysis of auto/biographical narratives. Its primary advantage is a direct reference to research practices. Due to the presented original research workshop of the individual authors, the publication can be useful both for novice and experienced researchers."?Danuta Lalak, University of Warsaw